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The goal is to raise 80,000 signatures to request the nomination of Israeli doctors for their humanitarian work throughout the world. Add your signature and promote the petition:


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It’s a human thing to do, period…I praise the Israelis for their care and compassion. A doctor dedicates his life to be of service to others…no matter what. People need to wake up, stop hurting one another, and help to make this world a better place.

Lindsay Goldman

I believe the doctors and staff of the Israel medical centers went beyond the call of duty, on the border, in the field and in hospitals to help and save the lives of people that originated from enemy country. Their altruism should be a light to the nations.

Eytan Teitler

Ziv Medical Center and Dr. Roisentul in particular are the ultimate example of humanitarian, peace loving individuals.”

Luiza Sztern Robel, MD

(More opinions on Change.org - where the initial goal of 2.400 signatures was reached. The petition has been moved here, on dontstandidly.org)

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