By design, Israel is a Humanitarian country, a force for good in the universe. Its place in the world is not - as a few ideologies caricaturize it - that of a political entity solely with security concerns and religious tensions.

Regardless of politics, ethnicities, or religion, for decades now Israeli doctors provide medical assistance in over 140 countries to victims of natural and human-made disasters.

Rabbi Moshe Pitchon
Rabbi Moshe Pitchon
Chair of “Life & Hope, Don’t Stand Idly Campaign”;
President of Friends of Ziv Medical Center



Israeli doctors are arguably one of the most impressive components of the worldwide community of healthcare professionals who deal with the mess left behind by war. In many cases these brave doctors find themselves saving the lives of people who hate their country, throw rockets at their homes, their schools, their hospitals and have sworn the destruction of their people. 

At a time when the profession is undergoing significant transformations in many countries, Israeli doctors still hold the Jewish belief that the motivating force of their profession is not human curiosity but, human compassion. That medical practice begins when the doctor extends a helping hand to a human being in a state of vulnerability and pain.

Israeli doctors show their patients that they can be trusted. And, trust is arguably the most vital form of social capital, the antidote to fear. 

“Peace,” said Rabbi Immanuel Jaokobovits, the late Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, “is not achieved by a balance of power and certainly not from an imbalance of fear. It slowly grows out of mutual trust, encouraged by each side showing the same.”

In practicing medicine according to Jewish values and going through the world where they are most needed, Israeli doctors are planting seeds of peace, one patient at a time.

For that they deserve the Nobel Peace Prize; they deserve the recognition and the support of all of those who believe that Israel is in the world to do good.

In conducting this campaign to have Israeli doctors nominated for the Peace Prize, I am asking your support to help us to reach this goal of at least 80,000 signatures, a vital number to bring the Israeli doctors to be considered by the Nobel Prize Committee. 



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The words
"(…) you shall not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor"

are engraved in the “Constitution,” of the Jewish people: the Torah. In fact, the injunction in the Book of Leviticus, chapter 19, verse 16 has been understood through history as the bystander's duty to come to the rescue of his fellow human being. 

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