Prof. Dan Engelhard

When I first visited the orphanage, not one child was treated for their HIV infection. Each year, around 60 of these kids died.

In 2005, Professor Dan Engelhard, the head of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Division at Hadassah Medical Center’s Pediatric AIDS Center, visited Ethiopia and witnessed hundreds of children suffering and dying from HIV\AIDS. “When I first visited the [orphanage] … not one child was treated for their HIV infection,” he said. “Each year, around 60 of these kids died.” He then founded the ART-Joy-Love Project. This organization sends volunteers to assist local teams in Ethiopian orphanages by providing medical care – including anti-retroviral (ART) therapy, joy and love – to suffering children.

Professor Dan Engelhard

Today, the project has expanded to seven orphanages in Ethiopia, as well as a facility near Mumbai, India. ART-Joy-Love is carried out in collaboration with local orphanage teams and medical staff. The ongoing partnerships have resulted in a rapid decline in the previously high mortality rate at the orphanages in which the program operates.”

Professor Dan EngelhardProfessor Engelhard first became involved in HIV treatment after completing medical training in the United States at the beginning of the AIDS era. After he returned to the Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem in 1986, he opened an AIDS clinic and later created a separate multidisciplinary Pediatric AIDS Center. His pediatric disease expertise and compassion for AIDS orphans in Africa have inspired him to share the technological and medical innovations available in Israel with those who needed it the most.

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